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Managed by
Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:PUD
Member of master association:No
Number of units:154 At Build-out
Electric contact information:Murfreesboro
Number of pools:1
Water included in fee:No
Association Fee:$120.00
Payment Frequency:Quarterly
Payment due date:1st
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NYes
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Yes (Liability Only)
Architectural Review Committee approval required forAny exterior changes or modifications
Campers, Trailers, RVsNot permitted to be parked unless garaged
Commercial VehiclesNot permitted to be parked unless garaged
Fences: chain link allowed?No per amended CC&R's
Landscape Maintenance:Common Areas (Quality Land Managment)
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:For Rent Signs Not Allowed
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