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Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:Single family homes
Driving directionsClarksville, TN: From Nashville, 1-24 West, Exit 8, left on Rossview Road, left onto Dunbar Cave Road, right onto Warfield. Stonehenge is 1/4 mile on right.
Number of units:64
Number of clubhouses:n/a
Fire district that property is located in:Clarksville
Number of pools:n/a
Public LibraryClarksville-Montgomery County Public Library
Streets public or privatePublic
Association Fee:$48.00 per home
$40.00 per vacant lot
effective 1-1-2019
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment due date:1st
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NNo
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Yes
Architectural Review Committee approval required forNo building, fence, wall, pool, or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any Lot until the construction plans and specifications and a plan showing the location of the structure have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee as to quality of worcurenship and materials, harmony of external design with existing structures, and as to location with respect to topography and finish grade elevation.
Campers, Trailers, RVsThere shall be no off pavement parking of any vehicle on any lot_ Modern motor homes of good
appearance and in use shall be allowed to be parked on driveways but shall not be lived in, subject however, to the length provisions contained in 9a of these restrictions.. There shall be
no occupancy for living purposes at any time on any Lot except within a completed residence.

9a RECREATIONAL VEHICLES No motorhomes, boats or travel trailers, campers or camping trailers or fifth wheeler type trailers of a size greater than 20 feet in length measured from
end to end allowed on any lot or on any street of the subdivision. Any such vehicle of less than 20 feet shall be kept in the garage or immediately behind the residence or detached building such that the vehicle is out of sight.
Clothes Lines Allowed25 NO CLOTHESLINES Outside clothesline and clothes hanging devices shall not be permitted.
Commercial Vehicles9b. COMMERCIAL VEHICLES There shall be no tractors or large trucks, trailors for large trucks or tractor trailers allowed in the subdivision.. There shall be no commercial vehicle larger than a pickup truck or minivan allowed to be parked on any lot or any street.
Exterior Artwork12. NO LAWN ORNAMENTS Thera shall be no lawn ornaments of any kind on the lot, front or side, except the approved mailbox. Any artwork, statues, sculptures or other ornaments placed or
constructed on any lot, shall be removed upon written demand of the Developer, the Architectural Review Committee or the Board of Directors of the Association.
Fences10. FENCES AND WALLS Upon approval in advance by the Architectural Review Committee, fences and boundary walls may be constructed , however no fence or wall will be permitted to be closer to the street than the rear of the residence, All fences
must be provided and installed by a professional company which has been approved by the Architectural Review Committee and may not be installed by the homeowner. In no case shall any fence or boundary wall be closer than 50 feet to any street Any privacy fencing shall be behind the home and must be professionally installed. Privacy fencing shall be wood or vinyl and shall not
exceed 6 feet in height and must be' approved by the Architectural Review Committee, No chain link fences are allowed on any lot. Upon approval by the Architectural Review Committee, a 200 square
foot chain link fence area may be installed for a dog containment.. Ihis area must not be in view from the street or from the property of another homeowner unless it is adequately screened by shrubbery or an approved ornamental fence. Any
fences are subject to the Architectural Control Provisions of paragraph 16.
Garage:6. GARAGES Each residence must have at least a two car attached garage or a two car garage in the basement All garage entrances must be at the side or rear of the residence; except if there are extenuating circumstances that result from unusual
topography, terrain or unexpected constiuction problems, then upon written application, the Architectural Review Committee can then approve a front entrance but the doors must be installed
pursuant to specified requirements of the Architectural Review Committee and must be of the exact type required by the committee. In addition to the attached or basement garage, there may be a detached garage provided that it is of the same design, color and materials as the main residence in the discretion of the architectural review committee. Any detached garage is subject
to the Architectural Control Provisions. Any detached garage must have its entrance on the side or rear of the garage. There shall be no detached garage on any lot that does not have a main residence which meets the requirements of these restrictions. A garage may not be remodeled or converted for use as living area and may not be used for business purposes.
Landscape Maintenance:14, LOTS MUST BE KEPT CLEAN, MAINTAINED AND MOWED No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish. Trash, garbage and other waste shall not be kept except in sanitary covered containers at the rear of the house, and the same shall be properly secured from the front view.

28 LANDSCAPING Ihe owner of any residence must complete the landscaping of the lot within 6 months of assuming occupancy, A landscape drawing for the front of residence will be submitted
to the Architectural Review Committee prior to commencement of construction of the residence. The lot owner must obtain written approval from the Architectural Review Committee before
commencement of construction.
Mailbox and post (if any)13 MAILBOXES All mailboxes must, be purchased from the developer in order to provide uniformity and are subject to the Architectural Control Provisions of paragraph 16.
Parking restrictions:No lots shall be used for the storage or repair of automobiles, or other types of motor vehicles, tractors, equipment, or the like, except the minor repairs to the property owners automobiles and
pick-up trucks may be permitted.
Pet restrictionsNo dogs, cats or other pets are to be raised or kept for sale or commercial purposes
Satellite dishes/TV antennas24. NO TELEVISION ANTENNAS; METERS AND EOUIPMENT MUST BE HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC VIEW All utility meters, air conditioning compressors, and other like equipment shall not be visible from
neighboring Lots, roads, streets and open areas. Outdoor television antennas may not be installed, provided at such time as cable television receiving service is available within the area. Satellite dishes shall not exceed 24° in diameter, not be visible from the public road and be as close to the rear of the residence as possible.
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:Yes
Are realty signs allowed to be displayed on the propertyYes
Storage BuildingsNo barns, shacks, tents or storage sheds shall be allowed on any lot. However with advance
approval of the Architectural Review Committee an outbuilding may be constructed of the same style, materials and colors as the principal dwelling but only in a location approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
Vehicle Storage11, STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT Any tractor, lawn tractor, mower, tiller or similar equipment must be stored inside the garage when not in use.
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