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Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:Single Family Homes and Townhomes
Number of units when completed229
Shade StructuresAvailable for use by residents. May not be reserved.
Number of clubhouses:1
Club house fee: if so, how much?No charge at this time. There is a $100 holding/damage deposit payable to Wilson Green HOA due to complete your reservation. The check will be returned to you after the reservation, IF there were no damages. The homeowner is responsible for complete clean up of the clubhouse to avoid clean up charges at their expense, including stains on the floor, marks or holes in the walls, etc. An individual in the neighborhood will contact the owner for details of inspection of the clubhouse prior to and following the reservation and to open the clubhouse for access. Additional questions should be directed to 615-277-0338 or rick.hollis@ghertner.com.
Other amenities:Available for use by residents. May not be reserved.
Electric contact information:Clarksville Department of Electricity
931.648.8151 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
931.552.3333 After hours emergencies
Fire district that property is located in:Clarksville
Number of pools:1
Public LibraryClarksville/Montgomery County Public Library
350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville
SchoolsClarksville/Montgomery County Public Schools
SidewalksClarksville Street Department
Streets public or privateStreets - public
Alleys - private
Termite letterNorthwest Exterminating
Trash pick up day:Thursday
Water included in fee:No
Association Fee:Single family homes - $99 effective January 1, 2020
Duplex Villas - $137.50 effective January 1, 2020
Town Homes - $122.00 effective January 1, 2020
Single family homes - $100 effective January 1, 2019
Duplex Villas - $134.00 effective January 1, 2019
Town Homes - $141.00 effective January 1, 2019
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment due date:1st
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NNo
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Common area insurance is included in HOA fee.
Flood insuranceNot required
Architectural Review Committee approval required forrom and after the first sale by the Developer of a Subdivision Lot situated within Wilson Green
Subdivision, no house, garage, carport, playhouse, outbuilding, fence, wall or other above-ground structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon any such lot, nor shall any exterior addition to, change in or alteration of any of said structures be made until complete final plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, basic exterior finishes and colors, location and floor plan thereof, and showing front, side and rear elevations thereof and
the names of the builder, general contractor and all sub-contractors have been submitted to and approved by the Developer. The Developer shall have the sole discretion for approval taking into account the harmony of exterior design and
general quality of the neighborhood as determined by the Developer to be desirable in his complete and absolute sole judgment. (Article V, Section 1)
Association's Right To Remove ViolationSee Article V, Section 2
Campers, Trailers, RVsNo motorhomes, boats or travel trailers, campers or camping trailers or fifth wheeler type trailers of a size greater than 20 feet in length measured from end to end allowed on any lot or on any street of the subdivision. Any such vehicle of twenty (20) feet or less in length must be modern and of good appearance and in use and shall be kept in the garage or immediately behind the residence or detached building such that the vehicle is out of sight. There shall be no occupancy for living purposes of any recreational vehicle at any time on any Lot. All motorcycles, four wheelers, boats, jet skis and similar vehicles must be stored in the garage and may not be parked on the yard, driveway or streets in the Subdivision.
(b) Commercial Vehicles. (Article VII, Section 10a)
Clothes Lines AllowedOutside clotheslines will not be permitted on any lot. (Article VII, Section 14)
Commercial VehiclesThere shall be no tractors or large trucks, trailers for large trucks or tractor trailers allowed in the subdivision. There shall be no commercial vehicle larger than a pickup truck or minivan allowed to be
parked on any lot or any street. (Article VII, Section 10b)
Exterior ArtworkAny artwork, statues, sculptures, flags, flag poles or other ornaments placed or constructed on any lot, shall be subject to advance written approval by the Developer or the Board of Directors of the Association. Any such ornament will be immediately removed upon written notice from the Developer. The Developer may in its discretion limit or demand the removal of seasonal decorations such as Christmas lights, etc. All such
decorations shall be removed by the Owner as soon as the applicable season is ended. (Article VII, Section 20)
Garage Sales permitted?Sales of personal property on the premises by "garage sales," "patio sales", "yard sales" and
similar sales to the general public are prohibited, unless approved by the Developer. (Article VII, Section 28)
Home Occupations AllowedAll Wilson Green Subdivision Lots shall be, and the same hereby are, restricted exclusively to residential use. (Article VII, Section 1)
Mailbox and post (if any)Mail boxes must be approved in advance in
writing by the Developer and must be a type consistent with the character of Wilson Green Subdivision and shall be maintained by the Owner to complement the residence and the neighborhood. (Article VII, Section 13)
Obnoxious TradeNoxious or offensive activities shall not be carried on upon any lot; and residents shall refrain from any act or use of their property which could reasonably cause embarrassment, discomfort
or annoyance to Owners and residents of other property made subject to this Declaration. (Article VII, Section 11)
Parking restrictions:There shall be no parking of vehicles in the street, provided however temporary street parking is allowed for private parties and events lasting five (5) hours or less. Each Lot Owner's vehicles must be parked in the garage or on the paved driveway for that Lot. No vehicles are to be parked in the yard of any Lot. (Article VII, Section 10c)
Residential Purposes OnlyAll Wilson Green Subdivision Lots shall be, and the same hereby are, restricted exclusively to residential use. (Article VII, Section 1)
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:Yes
Vehicle StorageThere shall be no off pavement parking of any vehicle on any lot. There shall be no overnight
street parking of any vehicle. (Article VII, Section 10)
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