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Managed by
Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:Single family homes
Driving directionsFrom I-40 exit 196, East on US 70 to Sawyer Brown; turn right to Old Harding Road; turn right to Poplar Creek; turn right and proceed about 1 mile to Allens Green on left.
Number of units:79
Number of clubhouses:None
Electric contact information:Nashville Electric Service
Fire district that property is located in:Bellevue
Number of pools:1
Pool key information$25 replacement cost.
To request key, go online to www.ghertner.com and select pool key request.
Streets public or privatePublic streets
Trash pick up day:Varies according to vendor
Water included in fee:No
Association Fee:$136 quarterly -- 2020
Payment Frequency:Quarterly
Payment due date:January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NNo
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Association Insurance for common areas is included in Association Fee. Homeowners Insurance is the responsibility of each homeowner.
Flood insuranceNot required.
Architectural Review Committee approval required forPools, fences, swing-sets, jungle-gyms, playhouses and similar yard equipment. 4.3.K., 4.3.M., 4.3.O.
Drainage channelsNo structure, planting, or other material other than driveways or sidewalks shall be placed or permitted to remain upon any Lot which may damage or interfere with an easement for the installation or maintenance of utilities, or which may change, obstruct or retard direction or flow of any drainage channels. 4.3.G.
FencesNo fence may be installed on any Lot unless approved by the Board. 4.3.O. An ARC form to request approval may be obtained from the Community Manager. Also, please review Article 8 Architectural Control. 8.1., 8.2., 8.3., 8.4., 8.5.
Fences: chain link allowed?No
Garage:All vehicles must be garaged or parked on the driveway only. Vehicles may not be parked in the grass or street. 4.3.D.
Landscape Maintenance:Lawns to be mowed regularly and landscaping to be kept trimmed and weeded, at all times.
Mailbox and post (if any)Mailboxes shall be approved by the Board. 4.3.N.
Maximum number of vehicles per unit:All vehicles must be garaged or parked on the driveway only. Vehicles may not be parked in the grass or street. 4.3.D.
Parking restrictions:No commercial vehicle, trailer, truck, motorcycle, camper, camp truck, house trailer, boat or the like shall be kept or used upon the Property unless totally enclosed within an improvement or garage, so as not to be visible from the exterior thereof. No junk vehicle, inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle, structure of a temporary character, mobile home, tent, shack, barn, or other outbuilding shall be kept or used upon any Lot, nor shall the major repair or extraordinary maintenance of automobiles or other vehicles be carred out thereon. 4.3.D.
Pet restrictionsThe maintenance, keeping, boarding or raising of animals, livestock or poultry of any kind, regardless of number, shall be and is hereby prohibited on any Lot or within any improvement situated upon the Lot, except that this shall not prohibit the keeping of dogs, cats, caged birds or aquarium fish as domestic pets provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes, and provided they are kept according to the rules and regulations of the Association. No Owner shall permit or conduct an activity which may violate any applicable law affecting the Lot. 4.3.B.
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:Yes, one per property, not to exceed six (6) square feet. 4.3.F.
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