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Managed by
Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:Single Family Homes
Number of units:77
Shade Structures1
Number of clubhouses:0
Other amenities:Playground
Number of pools:0
Public LibraryClarksville/Montgomery County Public Library
350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville
SchoolsClarksville/Montgomery County Public Schools
Streets public or privatePublic
Street LightsIf you observe a street light blinking or out, please contact HOA manager at rick.hollis@ghertner.com or by phone at 615.277.0338.
Association Fee:$45.00 in 2018
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment due date:1st
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NNo
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Common area insurance is included in HOA fee.
Flood insuranceNot required
Association's Right To Remove ViolationThese protective covenants shall be enforced by the Committee herein created; and/or the SANGO COMMONS Homeowners Association; and/or any individual lot owner in said subdivision by
proceedings at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate any covenant either to restrain the violation or to recover damages. In the event litigation is implemented for the enforcement of these covenants, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of attorney fees as additional damages. (Article V, Section 18)
Boarding house/group home/lodging houseNo such residential structure on any such lot shall be designed, constructed or used for more than one family. Group homes are expressly prohibited. (Article V, Section 1)
Campers, Trailers, RVsRecreational vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, trailers golf carts, and/or yard mowing equipment, must be kept in garages or screened from view of all neighbors and from the front view of the house when not in operation. The storage of said vehicles shall be subject to the approval of the
Committee. No inoperable or junk vehicles shall be parked on any lot, nor on the street. All licensable vehicles shall have current license plates and registration. Campers, boats, trailers, enclosed trailers, motorcycle storage-type trailers, or any other similar vehicle shall be garaged or screened from neighbors' view behind the residence. Parking of vehicles on public streets by Owners is prohibited except for loading and unloading purposes. (Article V, Section 9)
Clothes Lines AllowedNo outside clotheslines shall be permitted. (Article V, Section 19)
Commercial VehiclesNo tractor trailer bed or cab, enclosed trailer, motor home, commercial truck or vehicle over 20 feet in length, school bus, or recreational vehicle shall be parked on any Lot or public street in this subdivision. (Article V, Section 9)
Drainage channelsNo Lot Owner shall place fill on any lot or place fences, trees or landscaping in such a location or position that will interfere with the existing
drainage on or from other Lots or the Common Areas or designated septic fields. (Article V, Section 34)
Driveway/Sidewalks:All driveways shall be smooth finished concrete and
completed not later than the initial occupancy of the dwelling house. All driveways shall be graveled when footings for initial construction are installed. (Article V, Section 7)
Exterior ArtworkAll flag poles must be no taller than twenty (20') feet and must be made of aluminum. No flags other than the flag of the United States of America are allowed. With respect to display of the flag of the United States of America, flags shall be properly oriented and the United States flag code shall be strictly adhered to at all times. Flags shall be no larger than three (3) feet by five (5) feet. (Article V, Section 29)
FencesFences will be permitted on Lots from the rear line of the residence to the back property line and across the rear property line. All fences must be
constructed of an approved vinyl material, and be white in color. Fencing shall not exceed six (6) feet in height. Fencing must be maintained by the owner. All fencing must comply with the zoning regulations of all applicable governmental agencies,
including the County of Montgomery, and the State of Tennessee.

Said fence may not extend closer to any street than the rear corners of the house and may
extend to the lot lines and may tie into adjacent fences, so long they do not violate the
restrictions set forth herein. The Architectural Review Committee may grant waivers to this requirement in a case by ease basis in order to accommodate screened porches, pedestrian doors and other issues.

As to corner lots or radius curves: No fence may be closer than 30 feet from any street (measured from the back of the street curb) and no fence may extend in front of front corner of adjacent homes.

On all fences, the exact description and material of the fence, showing the exact location of the lot, house and fence must be submitted to the Committee for approval. (Article V, Section 8)
Mailbox and post (if any)All mailboxes shall be of uniform size, color and design as determined by Developer. Non-conforming mailboxes shall not be permitted.
Developer shall designate the style, make and model of mailboxes. The cost of each mailbox shall be paid by each Owner. (Article V, Section 20)
Obnoxious TradeNo noxious or offensive operations shall be conducted or maintained on any lot and nothing shall be done on any lot which may constitute an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. (Article V, Section 3)
Pet restrictionsNo more than four (4) dogs or cats, or combination of dogs and cats totaling four (4), may be maintained or allowed or permitted to be habitually found upon any numbered Lot.

Loud barking dogs are a nuisance and infringe on the rights of other owners. Civil laws prevail if an owner's rights are violated through loud barking dogs.

Leaving animal waste upon the common areas or lots of other Owners is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to penalties as set by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association. (Article V, Section 3)
Residential Purposes OnlyNo lot may be used for any purpose except for the construction and maintenance of a residential building of traditional design. (Article V, Section 1)
Satellite dishes/TV antennasSatellite dishes shall be permitted provided that
they are installed no closer to the street than the rear of the dwelling and are no larger than 1 meter in diameter. (Article V, Section 16)
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:No sign of any kind shall be displayed in public view on any lot except those used by the builder or seller during construction or sales periods. Said
signage shall contain only names, contact information and employer information. (Article V, Section 21)
Storage BuildingsNo outbuilding shall be located nearer to the front line, or, on the case of a comer Lot, the Lot line adjacent to the street, than the residence. Conformity to building standards as stated herein applies. (Article V, Section 5)

Any detached garage or other accessory building shall not exceed two (2) stories in height and shall be subject to the pre-approval of the Committee. Said building shall be to the rear of the lot, in accordance with local building and zoning regulations, and in no case closer than the house is to any street. Said garage or accessory building shall be erected as one building and no garage shall
contain room for more than three cars. Any accessory building must be of a permanent type and shall be "stick built" on site in a design and material as would be compatible with the main residence. Small prefabricated or pre-built storage buildings are only permitted if the building is screened from view by a rear fence of an approved style. (Article V, Section 14)
Trampolines AllowedPermanent placement of basketball goals, hockey goals, soccer goals, skateboard ramps and/or scooter ramps on streets, park areas and sidewalks are prohibited. (Article V, Section 23)

All playground and recreational equipment must be used, erected, placed or maintained to the rear of all Lots. Wood construction for such equipment is encouraged. No tree houses, play houses or other such structures shall be allowed except as may be specifically allowed by Rules of the Association. (Article V, Section 28)
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