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Managed by
Klingbeil, Powell & Alrutz, Inc.
6402 Arlington Blvd.
Suite 700
Falls Church, VA 22042

Association Information

Total number of units in project when complete225
Type of homeTownhouse condominium
Year built1979
BuilderThe Anden Group
Garbage pick-up dayMonday through Saturday from the front porches/front stoop
Does the homeowner contact the garbage vendor directly for service?No
Mowing dayNot a specific day
Is there a fire prevention system?No
Is there an outdoor irrigation system?No
Is there extra storage available?No
Is there controlled access in the common areas?Yes...for the tennis courts and car wash area
Type of parking for each homeSuface parking space
Guest parking locationMixed in with regular parking
Guest parking restrictionsVisitors are encouraged to park in designated visitor parking areas on the condominium property but may park in unmarked spaces. Any vehicle unmoved for 3 or more consecutive days in a visitor or unmarked parking space is subject to being cited for a violation, which if unresolved, may result in the Board or Management initiating enforcement.
Is there on-site staff?Yes
Number of phasesUnknown
What facilities are included in the common areas?Tennis court; swimming pool; bath house
Type of constructionWoodframe, brick fascade
Type of sidingLimited amount of vinyl
Type of roofAsphalt shingle
Number of buildings52
There are no extraordinary expenditures approved by the association, and not yet assessed, for the current and the two succeeding fiscal years, except as followsNone
There are no unsatisfied judgments against the association, except as follows (identify creditor and amount)None
Does the association recommend or require owners to purchase an HO-6 insurance policy?The association recommend owners purchase an HO-6 insurance policy
Are there any special assessments?No
Assessments include:Water and sewer; common area maintenance; building repairs; snow removal; landscaping; etc.
The association does/does not have a blanket hazard insurance policy?The association does have a blanket hazard insurance policy
How are the assessments billed?Monthly
Assessments due date:1st of each month
Are there any additional dues?No
Is electronic payment available?Yes
Is the master association completed?There is no master association
Has control of the HOA been transferred from the developer to the unit owners?Yes, January 2, 1980
Is any part used for commercial purposes?No
There is no right of first refusal or other restraint on the free alienability of the above unit(s) constrained in the declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations, or any amendment to them, except as follows:There is no right of first refusal
There are no pending lawsuits to which the association is a part of except as follows:There are no pending lawsuits
The remaining term of any leasehold estate affecting the common interest community and the premises governing any extensions or renewal of it are as follows:There is no leasehold estate
Does the association have any other restrictions?Yes...see the governing documents, Rules and Regulations and Policy Resolutions
Is there a pet policy?Yes..The maintenance, keeping, boarding and/or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind regardless of number, shall be and is prohibited within any Unit or upon the Common Elements, except that the keeping of a reasonable number (as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors) of small, orderly domestic pets is permitted, subject to the Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors; provided, that such pets are not kept or maintained for commercial purposses or for breeding and provided, further, that any such pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanently removed from the Property upon 3 days written notice from the Board of Directors. Pets shall not be permitted upon the Common Elements unless accompanied by an adult and unless carried or leashed. Any Unit Owner who keeps or maintains any pet upon any portion of the Property shall be deemed to have indemnified and agreed to hold the Condominium, the Unit Owners' Association, each Unit Owner, the Board of Directors, the Managing Agent, and the Declarant free and harmless from any loss, claim or liability of any kind or character whatever arising by reason of keeping or maintaining such pet within the...
Does the association have a lockbox policy?No
Are rentals allowed by the association?Yes..No unit shall be rented for transient or hotel purposes. No portion of any Unit (other than the entire Unit) shall be leased for any period. No Unit Owner shall lease a Unit other than on a standard form of lease approved by the Board of Directors and each Unit Owner, promptly following the execution of any such lease, shall forward a conformed copy thereof to the Board of Directors. The foregoing provisions of this subparagraph shall not apply to the Declarant, or to a Mortgagee in possession of a Unit as a result of a foreclosure or other judicial sale or as a result of any proceedings in lieu of foreclosure, during the period of such Mortgagee's possession.
Is there a policy for satellite dishes?No exterior antennas of any kind may be erected by any Unit Owner, except for master antennas provided by the Declarant.
Are open houses allowed by the association?Yes...up to 2 directional signs with or without balloons may be temporarily placed on the condominium grounds on Saturdays or Sundays only during the hours of noon to 5p.m. when an open house is being held
Are for sale or rent signs allowed to be displayed on the property?Yes..No for Sale, For Rent, or For Lease signs or any other displays or advertising may be maintained or permitted on any part of the Condominium or in any Unit except that a single temporary sign advertising the sale. lease or rental of a unit may be placed immediately adjacent to the unit; sign supports shall not exceed 1 inch in diameter and signs shall not exceed 2ft x 3ft.
Does the association have the right to approve the buyer?No
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