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Tidewater Property Management, Inc.
3600 Crondall Lane, Suite 100
Owings Mills, MD 21117-2233

Association Information

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Total number of homes80
Type of HomeSFH
Landscaping ResponsibilitiesS. W. Smith Landscaping LLC does common area and homeowners are responsible for their lawns.
Snow Removal SpecificationsS. W. Smith Landscaping LLC
Snow removal and ice control services will be performed at approximately 2 inches.
Roads are Carroll County

Trash/RecyclingCarroll County
FHA or other Certification Expiration Date
Basic FHA eligibility requirements:

Owner-occupancy Ratio: At least 50 percent of the units of a project must be owner-occupied or sold to owners who intend to occupy the units.
Delinquent Home Owners Association Dues: No More than 15% of total Units in Arrears more than 60 days on HOA Dues.
Investor Ownership: No more than 50 percent of the units may be owned by one single investor/entity.
Financials: Must provide a current Budget, and 10% or more of the total annual income in the Budget must be for replacement reserves. Budget must be sufficient to support the replacement reserves. Net operating losses are indications of insufficient budget. If the HOA currently has a net operating loss, or there was a net operating loss at the end of the last fiscal year, this must be discussed prior to entering into the service agreement.
Fidelity Bond insurance: If the complex contains 20 or more units Fidelity Bond/Fidelity Insurance is required that is equal to or greater than 3 months aggregate assessments on all units plus reserve funds. Additionally, if the HOA has a management company, Fidelity Bond/Fidelity Insurance covering the employees of the management company who handle HOA funds is required as well, or the management company must be listed as a designated agent on the HOA fidelity bond policy, or .the HOA's Fidelity Bond/Fidelity Insurance policy must include a "Covered Employee" endorsement that states that a person employed by an employment contractor (Management Company) performing services subject to direction and control by the HOA is covered under the policy.
Litigation: The specifics of any pending litigation and the financial implications of a judgment against the HOA must be carefully considered, and will require submission of documentation to show that it does not impact the future solvency of the HOA. We must discuss before proceeding.
Special Assessments: The specifics of any current or pending special assessments on the future solvency of the HOA must be addressed. This will require submission of documentation to include the current budget, reserves, and the reserve study, if the HOA has one, and an analysis by the HOA of the financial implications to the HOA of the special assessments. We must discuss before proceeding.
Bank Loan: The specifics of any bank loan on the future solvency of the HOA must be addressed. A letter of explanation will need to completed. I will provide the questions that must be answered regarding the loan in this letter of explanation to the FHA.
Commercial Space - No more than 25 percent of the property's total floor area in a project can be used for commercial purposes. An exception to policy may be submitted for condos with up to 50% commercial space. We must discuss any exceptions to policy submissions.
At least one (1) unit must be allowed to be leased by a unit owner under the Declaration/Bylaws of the HOA. Units may not be leased for less than 30 days, as the FHA views this as transient housing and in violation of federal housing requirements.
The FHA requires an Appendix A Project Certification to be signed for every condominium submission. Condo Approvals USA signs this project certification form and assumes the liability that is associated with it.
Late Fee PolicyLate fees will be charged if payment is not received within 30 days of the due date. Late fee amount is $37.00.
Collection PolicyCollections Attorney is Rees Broome. Their phone number is 703 790-1911.
Board Meeting Attendance/Conduct PolicyWritten notice ofeach meeting of the Members shall be given by, or at the direction of, the Secretary or person authorized to call the meeting, by mailing a copy of such notice,
lostage prepaid, at least fifteen (15) days but not more than sixty (60) days before such meeting

10% quorum
Your assessment amount isAssessments for 2023 are $370.00 per unit per year.
Assessments for 2022 are $370.00 per unit per year
Assessments and Fees are billed?Assessments are billed annually. Statements will be sent to owners prior to the annual due date. Payments can be made online by clicking the "Make a Payment" link.
Assessment Due DateAssessments are due on the 14th of February each year.
How do I obtain a resale disclosure?To obtain a resale package and disclosure, please visit https://tidewaterproperty.condocerts.com/resale/ to place an order. Should you require assistance, please contact customer support at 1-800-310-6552.
Property Policy Insurance DatesEffective from 08/11/2016 until cancelled
Association Deductible Policy Amount$1000
How do I obtain insurance certificate for Association Policy? ARTHUR C VESPIGNANI
Recommended type of Insurance you should carry on your home?H06
Association's Insurance Agent Contact InformationNationwide Insurance
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