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Ghertner & Company
50 Vantage Way
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37228

Association Information

Property Type:Single family homes
Driving directionsClarksville, TN: From Nashville, 1-24 West, Exit 8, right on Rossview Road. Stones Manor is 1 mile on right.
Number of units:600
Number of units when completed600
Number of clubhouses:1; in planning stage
Club house fee: if so, how much?No fee for clubhouse rental at this time.
Electric contact information:Cumberland Electric Membership Cooperative
Fire district that property is located in:Clarksville
Number of pools:1; in planning stage
Pool key informationpool key request should be made online at www.ghertner.com, select homeowner access and pool key request.

First key is provided at no charge to original home owner. For a resale or replacement key, a $20 charge applies.
Public LibraryClarksville-Montgomery County Public Library
Streets public or privatePublic
Trash pick up day:WEDNESDAY
Association Fee:$170.00 in 2018
$170.00 in 2019
$170.00 in 2020
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment due date:1st
Transfer fee Y/N:Yes
Working Capital fee Y/NNo
Additional Closing Fee Y/NYes
Insurance included in Association fee?Yes
Air conditioner/furnaceHomeowner
Air conditioner/Heat serving individual homeHomeowner
Association's Right To Remove ViolationSECTION 1. ENFORCEMENT. The Association, or any Lot Owner, shall have the right to enforce, by any proceeding at law or in equity, all restrictions, conditions, covenants, reservations, liens and charges now or hereafter imposed by the provisions of this Declaration. Failure by the Association, or by any Lot Owner, to enforce any covenant or restriction herein contained shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to do so
Boarding house/group home/lodging houseGroup homes are expressly prohibited.
Campers, Trailers, RVsSECTION 9. ACCESSORY VEHICLES. All recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles,
motor homes, dirt bikes, trailers, golf carts, commercial vehicles, enclosed trailers, hauling trailers, motorcycle trailers, and/or yard mowing equipment, must be kept in garages or screened from view of all neighbors and from the front view of the house. The storage of said vehicles shall be subject to the approval of the Committee. No inoperable or junk vehicles shall be parked on any lot, nor on the street. All licensable vehicles shall
have current license plates and registration. No tractor-trailer bed or cab, motor home, commercial truck or vehicle over 20 feet in length, school bus, or recreational vehicle shall be parked on any Lot or public street in this subdivision. Campers, boats, trailers, or any other similar vehicle shall be garaged or screened from neighbors' view behind the residence. PARKING OF VEHICLES ON PUBLIC STREETS BY OWNERS IS PROHIBITED EXCEPT FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING PURPOSES.
Clothes Lines AllowedSECTION 19. CLOTHES LINES. No outside clotheslines shall be permitted.
Drainage channelsSECTION 33. DRAINAGE. No Lot Owner shall place fill on any lot or place fences, trees or landscaping in such a location or position that will interfere with the existing drainage on or from other Lots or the Common Areas.
Driveway/Sidewalks:SECTION 35. SIDEWALKS. Builder shall be responsible for the installation of sidewalks, which shall have a width of four and one-half (4 1/2) feet with a five (5) foot planting strip located between the curb and the edge of the sidewalk. Said sidewalks shall adhere to all ordinances of the applicable governmental entity/entities.
Exterior ArtworkSECTION 36. LAWN ORNAMENTS. Lawn ornaments, including but not limited to statues, fountains and benches are expressly prohibited.
FencesSECTION 8. FENCES. All fencing shall be subject to the approval of the Architectural Review Committee. Fences will be permitted on Lots from the rear line of the residence to the back property line and across the rear property line. No chain link fencing, wood fencing, or metal fencing, with the exception of decorative wrought iron fencing or
aluminum fencing fashioned to resemble wrought iron, is allowed. Fencing shall not exceed five (5) feet in height. Fencing must be maintained by the owner. All fencing must comply with the zoning regulations of the applicable governmental entity/entities, and the State of Tennessee. Lot owners who allow their dogs outdoors shall install and maintain an underground electric fence and said pet shall wear a functional receiving collar.
Said fence may not extend closer to any street than the rear corners of the lot. Said fences shall remain five (5) feet off all lot lines and shall not tie into adjacent fences. All fences must be black.
As to corner lots or radius curves: No fence may be closer than 40 feet from any street (measured from the back of the street curb) and no fence may extend in front of front corner of adjacent homes. On all fences, the exact description and material of the fence, showing the exact location
of the lot, house and fence must be submitted to the Committee for approval. The Architectural Review Committee may permit fences to be placed closer to the street or adjacent property or house corners, if sufficient landscaping is provided and the same is approved. All fences shall contain at least one (1) gate, having a minimum opening
diameter of five (5) feet.
Garage:SECTION 12. GARAGES. All dwellings shall have at least a two (2) car garage. Each owner shall be required to install and maintain an operational garage door opener. All garage doors shall remain closed, except for the actual ingress and egress therein. There shall be no detached garages or other accessory buildings constructed or located on the premises unless prior approval in writing is granted by the Committee. All dwelling houses shall have an attached garage of a size adequate to accommodate a minimum of two fun size automobiles, unless a two-car or larger detached garage has been authorized. Side-entry garages are encouraged and decorative doors are required. Garage doors should be oriented away from the street. The door design needs to be compatible with
the specific architecture of the home and accurately represented on the submitted
elevations. Carriage style garage doors are encouraged. Glass panels of traditional design will be allowed upon review. Detached side entry garages must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. All other options will be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee.
Home Occupations AllowedSECTION 1. LOT USE. No lot may be used for any purpose except for the construction and maintenance of a residential building of traditional design. No such residential structure on any such lot shall be designed, constructed or used for more than one family.
Mailbox and post (if any)SECTION 20. MAILBOXES. All mailboxes shall be of uniform size, color and design as determined by Developer. Non-conforming mailboxes shall not be permitted. Developer shall designate the style, make and model of mailboxes. The cost of each mailbox shall be paid by each Builder and installed prior to occupancy.
Pet restrictionsNo animals or livestock of any kind shall be allowed or maintained on any lot except that
dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept, provided that they are not kept for commercial purposes. No more than three (3) dogs or cats, or combination of dogs and cats totaling three (3), may be maintained or allowed or permitted to be habitually found upon any numbered Lot. The Committee shall have authority over all animals and shall have the right to order the removal or any special control measures as to any animal
which becomes, in the sole opinion of the Committee, a nuisance or hazard to the health
and welfare of the development. Loud barking dogs are a nuisance and infringe on the rights of other owners. Civil laws prevail if an owner's rights are violated through loud barking dogs. The location, size and state of outside animal houses must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
Residential Purposes OnlySECTION 1. LOT USE. No lot may be used for any purpose except for the construction and maintenance of a residential building of traditional design. No such residential structure on any such lot shall be designed, constructed or used for more than one family.
Satellite dishes/TV antennasSECTION 16. SATELLITE DISHES. Satellite dishes shall be no larger than one (1) meter maximum size and attached to house in a low or no visibility location. The location must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee and a submittal
showing location is required for approval.
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:Yes
Are realty signs allowed to be displayed on the propertyYes
Storage BuildingsSECTION 14, ACCESSORY BUILDINGS. Any detached garage or other accessory building shall not exceed two stories in height and shall be subject to the pre-approval of the Committee. Said building shall be to the rear of the lot, but not less than five (5) feet from any side or rear lot line, and in no case closer than the house is to any street. Said garage or accessory building shall be erected as one building and no garage shall contain
more than three garage doors. Any accessory building must be of a permanent type and shall be "stick built" on site in the design and constructed of the same material as the
main residence. Prefabricated or pre-built garage or accessory buildings are not permitted.
Trash Can StorageSECTION 25. STORAGE TANKS AND REFUSE DISPOSAL. No exposed aboveground tanks or receptacles shall be permitted for the storage of fuel, water, or any other substance, except for refuse produced through normal daily living and of a nature which is satisfactory for pick-up by the Department of Public Works or its equivalent.
Incinerators for garbage, trash or other refuse shall not be used or permitted to be erected or placed on any Lot. All equipment, coolers, and garbage cans shall be concealed from the view of neighboring lots, roads, streets and open areas, except for pick-up days. It is
anticipated that the Homeowners Association will contract for a uniform subdivision refuse and garbage removal service.
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