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50 Vantage Way
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Association Information

Property Type:Single Family Homes
City/townFranklin, Tennessee
Driving directionsSullivan Farms Community (Google Maps)

From I-65 take exit 65, go west on TN-96 (Murfreesboro Road) towards Franklin, go 1.1 miles and turn left onto Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway, go 2.6 miles and turn left into Sullivan Farms onto Donelson Creek Parkway.
Number of units:720
Animal Control:Williamson County Animal Control
General Information = (615) 790-5590
Number of clubhouses:Pool House - Open seasonally from the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. For use by Sullivan Farms residents only.
Electric contact information:Middle Tennessee Electric (MTEMC)
Member Services = (877) 777-9020
Residential Outage Reporting = (877) 777-9111
Streetlight Outage Reporting = (877) 777-9020
Fire district that property is located in:City of Franklin Fire Department
Non-Emergency Fire Dispatch = (615) 794-3411
Franklin Fire Administration = (615) 791-3270
Patrol Service:City of Franklin Police Department
Non-Emergency Police Assistance = (615) 794-2513
Number of pools:ONE (1) - Open seasonally from the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. For use by Sullivan Farms residents only.
Pool key informationIf you did not receive or have lost your pool PIN code, please contact our property manager, Deborah Wallace, with Ghertner and Company at (615) 277-0340 or deborah.wallace@ghertner.com. You may also reach the Homeowner Services Department at Ghertner and Company by calling (615) 255-8531.
SchoolsWilliamson County Schools
General Information = (615) 472-4000
Sewer contact informationCity of Franklin Water Department
Customer Service = (615) 794-4572
Streets public or privatePUBLIC - City of Franklin Streets Department

Customer Service = (615) 791-3254
Water contact informationCity of Franklin Water Department
Customer Service = (615) 794-4572
Trash contact informationCity of Franklin Solid Waste Department
Customer Service = (615) 794-1516
Trash pick up day:Wednesday
Grounds care company/contact information:The Parke Company
Association Fee:$508.00 annually effective January 1, 2018
Payment Frequency:ANNUALLY - As a convenience to Sullivan Farms residents, your dues may be paid in equal quarterly installments (January, April, July, October) via ACH bank draft established through our property management company, Ghertner and Company. You may reach the Homeowner Services Department by calling (615) 255-8531.
Payment due date:January 1st
Transfer fee Y/N:YES
Air conditioner/Heat serving individual homeNo window or wall type air conditioners or water coolers shall be permitted to be used, erected, placed or maintained on or in any residential building on any part of the Property .
Architectural Review Committee approval required forALL EXTERIOR MODIFICATIONS - Article IV, Section 5 CCR ~ No improvements shall be constructed, nor shall any improvements be modified or altered, without PRIOR written approval of the Sullivan Farms Modifications Committee. The Modifications Committee is not obligated under any circumstances to approve any improvements if it is determined that they would detract from the overall aesthetic quality of the area.

Any failure by the New Construction Committee to approve or disapprove the Submitted Plans in writing within such thirty (30) day period shall not constitute a waiver of the requirements of The Declaration . No construction of the improvements provided for in the Submitted Plans (including those resubmitted under Section 8 of this Article) shall be commenced until the receipt of the committee's written approval of the Plans for such improvements. In the event the Modifications Committee fails to either (i) approve or disapprove Plans submitted to it, or (i i) request additional information reasonably required, within thirty (30) days after submission, the Plans for modifications shall be deemed disapproved.

Fee for Review. The Board may establish and charge a reasonable fee for review by the New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee of the plans for any improvements. Payment of such fee shall be a condition to approval of any plans submitted.
Boarding house/group home/lodging houseNo.
BoatsNo boat. trailer, recreational vehicle, camping unit, bus, commercial use truck, or self -propelled or towable equipment or machinery of any sort or any item deemed offensive by Declarant or the Association shall be stored anywhere other than inside the garage or in the rear yard of the Lot, except as approved in writing by the Association, and except that during the construction of improvements on a Lot, necessary construction vehicles may be parked thereon from and during the time of necessity therefor. This restriction shall not apply to automobiles or small non- commercial passenger trucks in good repair, attractive condition and having current registration status, provided that any such vehicles are parked on an improved driveway which has been approved by the New Construction Community. Storage of approved vehicles on the driveway or street right -of -ways is defined as parking without movement for a period of seven (7) consecutive days. No vehicle shall ever be permitted to be stored on the front or side lawn within view of the public. Removal of a boat, trailer, camper , recreational vehicle or other item restricted by this paragraph for short periods, so as to avoid the intent of this provision, shall not affect the running of the time periods set out herein.
Building exterior:(b) Brick requirements The following requirements shall apply to all Living Units on the Property, except as otherwise provided in subsection (c) hereafter:
(i) The front of all houses will be brick, except for architectural details and exterior walls which are not considered foundation walls, provided the exterior wall is not constructed above a roof ext eng ion.
The first floor of the sides of all houses shall be brick.
The rear walls of all "peripheral lots " shall be brick. For purposes of this Agreement , peripheral lots n shall mean those lot g which are more particularly identified on Exhibit C attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference .
(c) Siding Requirements As an exception to the brick requirements stated above, the New Construction Committee may permit the construction of houses on the Property using siding materials approved by Declarant or the Association provided such houses have significant design and architectural features which are conducive to a siding exterior. The quality and appearance of all siding shall be subject to the approval of Declarant or the Association.
Clothes Lines AllowedBack or side yards only, behind fences or buildings so as not to be visible to public view from adjacent streets.
Driveway/Sidewalks:Private driveways/sidewalks: Homeowner
Driveways/StreetsThe Owner of each Lot shall construct and maintain at his or her expense a driveway of not less than eight feet (8' ) in width (unless such minimum width has been increased in a particular Neighborhood by Supplemental Declaration) from his or her garage to an abutting street, including the portion in the street easement, and he shall repair at his or her expense any damage to the street occasioned by connecting his driveway thereto. The New Construction Committee reserves the right to restrict the location of any driveway on any Lot. All driveways shall be constructed of exposed aggregate.
Electrical Connections/Wiring Serving Individual HomeExcept as may be permitted in writing by the New Construction Committee or as permitted by a Supplemental Declaration for a particular Neighborhood, all electrical telephone and other utility lines and facilities which (i) are located on a Lot, (i i) are not within or part of any building, and (i i i) are not owned by a governmental entity , a public util i ty company r or the Association, shall be installed in underground conduits or other underground facilities. Landscaping and security lighting fixtures may be installed above ground only after the design and installation thereof has been approved in writing by the New Construction committee or Modification Committee
FencesNo walls or fences shall be erected or maintained nearer to the front Lot line than the rear building line on such Lot, nor on corner Lots nearer to the side Loc line than the building setback line parallel to the side street, except in special circumstances necessitated by the geography and platting of a particular Neighborhood, and specifically permitted by the Supplemental Declaration (s) affecting such Neighborhood. No fence or wall shall be taller than specifically allowed by the Modifications Committee or New Construction Committee, as appropriate, unless otherwise permitted in a Supplemental Declaration. No chain link fence type construction will be permitted on any Lot except, however, Declarant is exempt from this prohibition as long as it owns portions of the Property. Additionally, Declarant may determine in its discretion to erect such fencing for the isolation and/or protection of certain Common Facilities. Any wall or fence erected on a Lot by Declarant, or its assigns, shall pass ownership with title to the Lot and it shall be Owner's responsibility to maintain said wall or fence thereafter. Approval of the New Construction Committee shall be obtained prior to the erection of any wall or fence on any Lot and the smooth side of all solid fences shall face the adjacent streets
All walls and fencing shall be made of wood, ornamental metal or brick except as set forth herein or in any applicable Supplemental Declaration filed by Declarant, or as otherwise permitted in the discretion of the New Construction Committee or Modifications Committee, as the case may be. The use of chain link fencing is prohibited on all Lots, except for tennis courts and other special applications, and then only with prior written permission from the New Construction Committee or Modifications Committee, as the case may be .
Fences: chain link allowed?No.
Landscape Maintenance: Leaf collection runs through January 31.
There are two ways to have your yard waste collected. Raked and un-bagged leaves left at the curb will be collected by the Streets’ leaf vacuum trucks. They will serve the entire city with five trucks over five separate routes. People living in each route should expect leaf collection every 5 to 7 days.
BAGGED yard waste will be picked up by the City’s Solid Waste Department once a week on your regularly scheduled garbage pick-up day. Bags should be placed at the curb approximately two (2) feet away from trash containers.
A couple of points to remember this Fall: open burning of leaves is NOT permitted within the City limits and leaf piles mixed with grass trimmings and branches will NOT be collected. Also be sure to keep leaves away from storm water catch basins. Leaves swept or blown into the street or gutter can clog catch basins and increase the risk of flooding on your street.
For more information, please contact the Streets Department at 791-3254 or the Solid Waste Department at 794-1516.
Lease/Rental RestrictionsDeeded owners on or before January 24, 2007, are exempted from the Rental Restriction Amendment to the Sullivan Farms Covenants and are permitted to lease their property with PRIOR approval of a lease agreement by the HOA Board. Deeded owners after January 24, 2007, are fully subject to the Rental Restriction Amendment to the Sullivan Farms Covenants and are NOT permitted to lease their property without first receiving a temporary hardship exemption. Determination of a qualifying hardship condition and the terms of a granted temporary exemption are at the discretion of the Sullivan Farms HOA Board.
Mailbox and post (if any)House numbers, mail boxes and similar matter used in the Property must be harmonious with the overall character and aesthetics of the community and be continually maintained in an attractive manner. The Association reserves the right to issue specifications for the location and appearance of all mailboxes .
Obnoxious TradeIndustrial use of the properties is prohibited. No use shall be permitted which is offensive by reason of odor, fumes, dust, smoke, noise or pollution, or which is hazardous by reason of excessive danger of fire or explosion. No activity or use shall be permitted on or with respect to the Property which is determined by the Board to be obnoxious to or out of harmony with a distinctive residential community, including, but not limited to, any trailer houses and parks, junk or scrap metal yard, waste material business, any dumping, disposal, incineration or reduction of garbage or refuse, and any fire, bankruptcy or auction sale or operation. No excavations shall be made and no sand, gravel or soil shall be removed from the Properties except in connection with a grading and/or building plan approved as provided by the New Construction Committee. No burning of rubbish or trash shall be permitted at any time. No storage area shall be permitted between any building and the front Property line of such Property.
Parking restrictions:No vehicle shall ever be permitted to park on point where the vehicle obstructs pedestrians sidewalk.
Pet restrictionsAnimals. Except as allowed by Supplemental Declaration, sheep, goats , horses , cattle, swine , poul try , dangerous animals (the determination as to what is a dangerous animal shall be in the sole discretion of the Association's Board of Directors) , or livestock of any kind shall ever be kept in or upon any part of the Property except that no more than two (2) dog, and not more than two (2) cats or other common household pets may be kept by the Owner or Occupant of any Living Unit, provided they are not kept for any commercial purpose. Any allowable pet that is kept in a household must be confined to its Owner's Lot either by constraints of a backyard fence, invisible type fencing, a leash or within the Living Unit. No animal shall be permitted to run freely away from its Owner's Lot and must be controlled by a leash. All applicable leash and licensing laws in effect in the City of Franklin and Williamson County, to the extent more restrictive than this provision, shall also apply to this animal husbandry provision and shall be complied with by all Owners and Occupants of Lots.
Recreational and Play EquipmentNo treehouse or children' s playhouse, outbuilding or structure shall be permitted on any Lot in the Property without prior written approval of the New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee, as the case may require . Outbuildings or other structures , temporary or permanent, other than the main residence or garage shall be limited to ten feet (10' ) in height and each outbuilding may not exceed 120 square feet of floor area. The roof lines of any such outbuildings or structures shall have slope, color and materials similar to those of the main dwelling on the Lot. Temporary structures may be used as building offices and other related purposes by Declarant or a Builder. Metal storage buildings shall not be permitted. The New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee shall be entitled to review and approve or disapprove, without limitation, all outbuildings, playstructures (including basketball backboards and hoops) , and storage structures and the location thereof. Any such outbuilding will be required to be constructed with material and design that is determined by the New Construction Committee or Modifications Commiittee to be architecturally and aesthetically compatible with the design of the Living Unit thereon and other structures in the Neighborhood or nearby Property. No outbuilding or play structure will be permitted to (a) be placed on an easement; or (b) be located nearer to a Lot boundary than the applicable building set-back established by Plat or Supplemental Declaration. The Modifications Committee is hereby authorized to determine what constitutes a violation of this restriction.
Residential Purposes OnlyNo part of the Property shall ever be used or caused to be used or allowed or authorized in any way, directly or indirectly for any bus iness , comrnercial, manufacturing, mercantile, storing , vending, or other non- residential purposes , or for any commercial use of a residential nature (e.g. , as a boarding house, day- care facility, half -way house, nursing home , rehabilitation or therapy facility, etc. ) . Notwithstanding the above, an Owner may be permitted to use a portion of his or her Living Unit as a "home office" provided such use is not visible trom outside the Living Unit, has no impact on traffic, parking or noise levels, does not interfere with any other Owners or Occupants use of his or her property. The Board of Directors of the Association shall have the sole authority to determine whether any such use is in violation of this "home office " exception.
Roofs:The roof of each Living Unit shall be covered with black or dark grey asphalt or composition type shingles of a weight approved by the New Construction Committee The decision with regard to shingle weight shall rest exclusively with the New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee, as the case may be, and their respective decisions regarding same shall be final and binding. Any other type or color roofing material may be permitted only at the sole discretion of the New Construction Committee, upon written request. If required by the New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee, all roof stacks and flashings muse be painted to match the approved roof color .
Satellite dishes/TV antennas(a) Without the prior written authorization of the New Construction Committee or the Modifications Committee, as the case may require, no television, radio or other antenna of any sort shall be placed, allowed or maintained outside a Living Unit or on the exterior of any permitted building or other improvement located on a Lot within the Property.
(b) The New Construction Committee or Modifications Committee may (but ig noe required to) authorize the installation of one (1) satellite dish or other device (not exceeding 18 in width) intended to send or receive electronic signals on a Lot within the Property provided (without limitation) the size, style, color, placement, location, height, screening and street visibility requirements as provided in the New Construction Committee Architectural Control Guidelines and Modifications Committee standards (as the case may be) are adhered to, or in the absence of any such guideline or standard such Committee approves same as being in architectural and aesthetic harmony with the balance of the Property.
SignsNo sign , advertisement, billboard, or advertising structure of any kind shall be displayed to public view on any Lot except for one (I) sign on each Lot, which sign may not exceed six (6) square feet, for the purpose of advertising the Property for sale or rent , except signs used by Declarant, or its successors or assigns, or as allowed for Builders in Section 8 above, for a period of time commensurate with its home construction/ sales program. No sign shall be permitted that shall advertise that a Property has been or will be foreclosed or sold at forced sale. Declarant, the New Construction Committee and the Modifications Committee shall have the right to remove any sign. Except as provided to the contrary herein, in no event shall the use ot flags or banners be permitted in the promotion or sale of any Lot or Living Unit in the Property, except those owned by Declarant or a Builder. Any use of said items by Declarant or any Builder is subject to the prior approval of the New Construction Committee.
Are "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs allowed to be displayed on the property:Board advised that open house signs are allowed at the front entrance 48 hours prior to the open house and must be removed immediately afterwards.
Temporary StructuresExcept as may be allowed by Supplemental Declaration , no structure of a temporary character, trailer , mobile home , tent , shack, barn, or outbuilding shall be permanently or temporarily erected, maintained, or installed on any Lot at any time except as may be approved by the New Improvements Committee , or the Modifications Committee but in no event shall any such approved non-Living Unit structure be used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.
Trees, Shrubs Planted by Resident (with permission)Prior to the occupancy of the Living Unit on each Lotr and on or before the time each Lot is planted with grass or shrubbery, if there is not located on the Lot at least two native trees of two inch (2 t' ) diameter or more measured 3' above the ground level in the front yard (three such trees in the case of a corner lot) and one tree of such diameter in the back yard, then the Owner of each Lot shall plant live trees of such number and size. Such trees shall be of a type and in a location approved by the New Construction Committee on a Lot-by-Lot basis. If coniferous trees are planted, group planting may be required. This requirement (as supplemented by specific restrictions contained in Supplemental Declarations for the Neighborhoods) includes each Lot or partial Lot upon which no dwelling or structure is erected but which is conveyed at any time to the Owner of an adjoining Lot upon which a Living Unit or other permitted structure hag been erected. Trees which are planted in satisfaction of the requirements 'Of this paragraph and which tree or trees subsequently die or are uprooted for any reason, must be replaced within sixty (60) days . Enforcement of this paragraph may be in accordance with the provisions of Section 15 herein above .
Windows/Doors and Screens:No external burglar bars shall be permitted on the windows or doors of Living Units without the prior written approval of the New Construction Committee or Modifications Committee, and notice is hereby given that it shall be the policy of such committees to give such approval only in rare and unusual circumstances. Interior burglar bars shall be screened by drapes or other window coverings so that they are not visible from the street adjacent to any Living Unit. No aluminum toil, reflective film or similar treatment shall be placed on windows or glass doors of any Living Unit in such a manner that such foil, film or similar treatment is visible from the street adjacent to such Living Unit.
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