North Oaks is a private planned residential community covering approximately 5,548 acres of rolling wooded hills, open fields, lakes, and wetlands in northern Ramsey County. Most of the area within the present city limits was at one time known as the North Oaks Farm which was established in 1883 by James J. Hill, financier and railroad builder. In 1950, the North Oaks Company was formed by the four children of Louis W. Hill, Sr. (son of James J. Hill) and development of the community began. The development plan preserves the natural beauty of the area.    
NOHOA's Vision:  To continue the tradition of North Oaks as a unique private community where people, history and nature grow together.
NOHOA's Values:  Privacy, Natural Environment, Heritage, Caring Community, Recreational Opportunities
NOHOA's Mission:  To preserve and enhance North Oaks through outstanding leadership, services and stewardship of our resources.