Lake Toxaway Community Association
The Lake Toxaway Community Assocation is a non-profit North Carolina Corporation organized for the residents of Lake Toxaway Estates. We are responsible for maintaining the lake, roads, and recreational amenities open to the community.
The 2023-2024 Board of Directors
Robb Turner - President
Rob Roberts - Vice President 
Pam Weekes - Secretary
Jane Hancock - Treasurer
Lauren Grien
Barbara Hill
Lisa Morgan
Patty Probst
Jeff Swain
Bobby Weil
Jorge Morales
Jaclyn Kinsell 
Committee Chairpersons
Architectural Review Board - Lisa Morgan
Lake & Dam Committee - Jeff Swain
Safety & Security Committee - Bobby Weil
Roads Committee - Bob Cowan
 Board Liaison - Patty Probst 
Grounds Committee - Leslie Brown
 Board Liaison - Barbara Hill
Parks & Trails Committee - Rob Roberts 
Nominating Committee - Jaclyn Kinsell
Member Services Committee - Pam Weekes
Long Range Planning - Patty Probst & Lauren Grien 

For suggestions on how we can improve our website, or if you

have any questions, please contact the LTCA office at 828-966-9453 or email LTCA office